No Reason

Ever have one of those days where it’s tough to be motivated to even blink? Totally having one of those right now. I have work to do, yet not totally into it.

I watched the Hollywoodland movie last night – not bad. Not great, but not bad. The performances were pretty good, especially Ben Affleck and Diane Lane. I’ve always been a big, big Ben Affleck fan, beginning with Chasing Amy, one of my favorite films of all time. I think he’s a very good actor, just picked some crappy films. Diane Lane, I also love, particularly in Unfaithful. Adrian Brody, however? Almost cartoonish attempt at a Humphrey Bogart impersonation. He salvaged it at the end with the whole “drunk dad” scene, but overall, not my favorite.

I am attending an event tomorrow that I’m anticipating will have some cringe-worthy moments. I’m very seriously considering live-blogging it, so I don’t forget anything good. I thought about going in with an open mind, but I’ve gone the other way. I’m looking forward to find creative ways to mock in the cyber world while keeping everyone’s identities on the DL. Is that wrong?

Saw a great movie the other night – Waitress – excellent, well done film. The story of Adrienne Shelly, who wrote, directed, and plays a supporting role in the film, is a tragic one and makes its story of hope all the more poingnant. I highly recommend.

Last night, I was cleaning and organizing in preparation for the big move and I popped in season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy to entertain me. Such good TV. After a fairly hit-and-miss season replete with off-screen drama, it was lovely to remind myself of what fun brain candy TV can be.

I’ve watced this video of Tom Wilson again recently, and I have to say, the man is funny. Go Biff!


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