Fine (pronounced fee-nay – going for an Italian musical thing here – go with it)

It seems as though I’ve given up Choir for Lent, although it’s starting now and ending this summer. I wonder if that counts. I’ve been thinking and I’m just stretched so thin that something’s got to give. I have started two jobs at once (big Corporate America job and part-time church job), both with steep learning curves and both with (no disrespect intended) prececessors with slightly different organizational systems than I would consider helpful.

Choir is like going to the gym for my voice. It’s really good for me. The conductor, who was one of my seminary professors, is amazingly good. Forget music, anyone who wants to be a leader in any field should sit in on one of his rehearsals. He’s got the gift. He’s structured without being inflexible, strict, but manages to do so while remaining warm and is rarely stern, and is extremely encouraging. He does that thing where he shows you some musical thing that you think is impossible and then he takes you through some seemingly un-related vocalise and by some miracle you are then able to effortlessly perform what once seemed out of your grasp. He’s got the most well-equipped teachers “toolbox” ever – an exercise, tip or trick for any occasion. (I’m speaking about him as though he’s died. He hasn’t – I’m just singing his praises because I think people’s praises should be sung before they die).

And here I am giving all that up for a few months. I have every intention of going back in the fall. I know I have to do this right now for my own good, but I am still a bit sad about it. As I said on another blog, choir is the icing on the cake that is my life, but right now, the cake is all crumbly, so the icing is just making a bigger mess. I want to be able to go back and be fully present, because that is how anything is done well.


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