Things That Make Me Die Inside, Vol. 1

One of my favorite blogs to read is the PopWatch blog on There is a regular segment that their writers have called “Things That Make Me Die Inside,” and I read something today that made me want to make that one of my regular features.

In my job, I deal with the property management, documentation, leases, etc. of all of our stores and corporate facilities. I’m going through and documenting some changes in landlord information and have come across a mall in upstate New York called “Walt Whitman Mall.” Now, I’ve read Walden, and I’m going to guess that based upon my interpretation of that, this is not what he would have wanted. We all know that I’m not opposed to the occasional shopping trip, but seriously – a mall named after Walt Whitman? Really?


3 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Die Inside, Vol. 1

  1. walden was by thoreau. leaves of grass was by whitman.

    i don’t know whitman’s feelings on shopping, but i’d guess thoreau would roll over in his grave.

  2. Damnit – I always get them confused. Either way – the point is the same. Whitman – not so much with the materialism. After all, he did say this: The spirit of the tariff is malevolent. It flies in the face of all American ideals. I hate it root and branch. It helps a few rich men to get rich, it helps the great mass of poor men to get poorer. I am for free trade because I am for anything that will break down the barriers between peoples. I want to see the countries all wide open.”

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